Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wellsville Board of Education's September Meeting

Monday – September 19: The Wellsville School District Board of Education held their September meeting this past Monday evening. Present at the meeting was Board President Tom Brophey and members Ed Bauer, Mike Cook, Karen Dash and Bill Miller. Also attending was District Superintendent Rich Bereschik, Treasurer Coleen Wickham, Garfield Principal Lisa Ferguson, High School Guidance Counselor Bob Rudder and OAPSE President Ed Swogger.

On the financial side Mrs. Wickham reported that for the month of August receipts were $616,714, expenditures were $671, 335 and the General Fund balance was $1.67 million. Interest earned in August was $3,030. Balance in General Set-Asides for text books and capital outlay was $719,477. Bauer noted that the cost for the new stadium seating is not yet reflected and the Capital Improvement fund is still in good shape. Mrs. Wickham noted that bill was paid in September which means it will be shown in next month's Financial Report. At the end of August the balance in the Capital Improvement fund was $659, 282. The Treasure's Report was accepted. Also a motion was passed approving appropriations for FY2011-2012 for a total amount of $12,603,835. Bereschik noted the district enrollment is down approximately 40 students this year and it will be necessary to look at finances once the official count is finalized.

For Legislative Update President Brophey reported that State legislators are just getting back from their summer recess. One piece of legislation being worked on is House Bill 136 which is in its fourth draft. That bill is called the School Choice bill “that seeks to expand education choice vouchers...” If passed traditional public school districts can expect to receive less money since dollars will be diverted and used for students to attend private schools. The Ohio School Boards Association opposes this bill.

For Buildings and Grounds Mr. Bereschik reported additional landscaping around the new seats at the stadium is in the process, getting ready for the big game with Southern Local. The new sign for the high school has arrived and work is underway to install it.

For the Good News Report Lisa Ferguson reported that the Garfield Open House was a huge success with 431 participants. The preschool is up and running at full capacity. There is a waiting list for additional students. Garfield received an “Excellent” rating on the state report card. Ferguson offered thanks to students, staff and families for that and to the PTO for providing an ice cream sundae party to celebrate. In closing Mrs. Ferguson said she was “touched” to see members of the National Honor Society volunteering their help at the Ups of Downs Awareness Walk this past Saturday.

For the high school it was reported that there are nine students enrolled in the Senior to Sophomore Program at Kent State. With that program it is possible to graduate from high school and immediately go into their sophomore year in college. Kristie Crews & Matt Jordan started a recycling program this month. Bereschik thanked everyone that put together 9-11 programs in the three buildings. Kudos was also given to the Ebony & Ivory singers and Miles McGinnis & Brent Drysdale for their parts in the Wellsville ceremony.

Closing out the Good News Report Board President Brophey and Karen Dash recognized District employee Ed Swogger for his quick thinking and heads up action last spring in the Daw Middle School cafeteria. Recognizing that a student was choking with something stuck in her throat Swogger quickly applied the Heimlich Maneuver to dislodge the obstacle. Shown above with Brophey & Dash Swogger (center) was presented with a plaque thanking him for his life saving action.

In other action the Board approved contracts with CCESC for this school year for a school psychologist and a computer technologist. The retirement of Mrs. Vicki McCuen was accepted with regrets and best wishes. That will be effective October 10. Payment in lieu of transportation was approved for several students attending other schools at rates to be determined by the state. A similar agreement was also approved to provide transportation via CARTS for two students attending the American Spirit Academy. An agreement with the CCBDD was accepted for contract special needs services.

An addendum to the High School Handbook was approved allowing seniors who have met the necessary requirements to participate in a flex credit work program. Bereschik explained there are some seniors that may only need two credits to graduate and this allows them to participate in a work program. Students in this program must have at least a C average, accumulated a minimum of 20 credits and have at least a 94% attendance record.

In personnel moves Michael Romey, Courtney Dalrymple, Dawn Klein were added to the substitute teachers list. Nikki D'Atri was added to the substitute teacher's aide list. Teachers Marilyn Carr, Tracey Kosek and Jeanne Waggoner were approved to be mentors to new teachers. Gabe Burns Baker resigned at Head Softball Coach. Steve Lasure was renamed Head Varsity Wrestling Coach and James Malone as Assistant Wrestling. Tim Long & Rick Severs will be volunteer assistants. Charles Fisher was named Daw Wrestling Coach with Tom Hackney as a volunteer assistant. Art teacher Dawn McCambridge was approved to be the Art Club advisor.

The meeting adjourned at 7:05 PM. The next regular meeting will be Monday, October 17 in the Superintendent's Office. That is located at 929 Center St.

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Anonymous said...

Can you say "consolidate"

JC the Barber said...

Can't believe enrollment is down by 40. Do we have any foreign exchange students this year Nib? I know that can generate a good amount of $$..

JC the Barber! :)

************* said...

Haven't heard anything 'bout any exchange students. Maybe one of our school officials can help us answer that.

How do they generate money for the school district?


Anonymous said...

I don't think foreign exchange students "generate" money for the districts they visit. Open enrollment students from adjoining districts DO bring their tax dollars with them from their home district