Wednesday, September 21, 2011

2nd Annual Ups of Downs Awareness Walk Is Huge Success

Saturday – September 17: The 2nd Annual Ups of Downs Awareness Walk held this past Saturday was once again a huge success. It was held at Tomlinson Run Park near New Manchester, WV. The walk was maybe just a small part of the day's activities but it was very significant. The walk is symbolic of the support and love pouring from the hearts of all who attended the event.

The Ups of Downs is a support group for families and those members with Downs Syndrome. It was founded a few years ago by Wellsville resident Nikki D'Atri, Doug Verzella and others in the tri-state area. The funds raised support activities sponsored by the group such as Halloween parties, Christmas parties, Easter egg hunts, etc. They are a self sufficient, all volunteer, non-profit group.

Each year they work hard finding sponsors. In just one year's time they doubled the number of sponsors. With the generous help from those sponsors the members of Ups of Downs put on a heck of a party. For just the cost of the registration fee they entertain you, feed you and provide attractions for the young ones. For those attending it's a way to show love and support for all those who are part of the Ups for Downs. For those that are part of the Ups of Downs group it's their way of saying thank you.

The Ups of Downs group meet regularly the third Thursday of each month. For more information call 330-383-1822.

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Nikki D'Atri said...

Thanks to all the wonderful people who help make this event a great success! I also think that we have the most amazing families. They make it easy to see what is possible, instead of the impossible! A big thank you to you, Nib, for supoorting us every step of the way!

************* said...

It's my honor...

Thank you


Larry Walton said...

I don't have your mailing address. I was able to gt some "shots" of you working.
I will be happy to send them to you.
Larry Walton

************* said...

Larry - you must be testing your camera's tolerance!

You can email them to

Appreciate it...