Thursday, March 22, 2012

Wellsville Mayor Asks For Raises In Police Wages

Wellsville Village Council held their second regular meeting for the month of March this past Tuesday. Present at the meeting was Mayor Susan Haugh, Council Members Don Brown, John Morrow, Tonda Ross, Rosie Goss, Diane Dinch & Tony Cataldo. Also attending was Village Administrator Thom Edgell, Fiscal Officer Dale Davis, Legal Advisor Andy Beech and Fire Chief Bill Smith.

The prayer was offered by First Christian's Youth Pastor Brandon Russell. Russell also thanked Village officials for the quick response painting a cross walk and installing signs in front of the church, especially after a young girl was struck by a car just recently.

Wellsville Church of The Nazerene member Michelle Bennett got Council's permission to block off part of Maple Street in front of the church for an Easter Egg Hunt to be held April 7 from 11 AM to 1 PM. Permission was granted pending completion of the required paperwork. An application has to be filled out with both the Police Chief & Village Fire Chief signing off.

Family & Community Resource Center Executive Director Cindy Slavens announced that they are providing an after school program in conjunction with the First Christian Church & Daw Middle School to provide tutoring help for students. The program started March 15 and focuses on 4th to 8th graders. It is held every Wednesday and the students that attend are provided with “healthy” snacks. They are also looking at having a monthly Family Fun Night with the first one on March 22. The first one will focus on the issue of bullying using a YMCA program on the subject.

Lisbon Street resident Steve Mathess addressed Council on the issue of barking dogs in the neighborhood. He advised he has been told by the police the issue has to be a problem with the whole neighborhood before they can do anything about it. Mathess asked if the wording of the existing ordinance can be worked on so something could be done about it. Claims, Rules & Ordinance Chairman John Morrow responded that his committee are presently looking at different animal ordinances and he would be glad to work with Mr. Mathess.

Main Street resident Mr. Walker brought up that some sidewalks are not handicapped friendly and also mentioned Village snow plows scraping away a portion of new black top on his driveway. Village Administrator Edgell will look into both matters.

Jeff Haugh of 7th Street personally thanked Wellsville residents Ron & Julie DuMoulin and their grand daughters for taking it upon themselves to clean up the litter and debris at the Wells Avenue bridge area. They also voluntarily cleaned up around a handicapped neighbor’s house. The Mayor had more on this subject later in her report.

Village Administrator Edgell reported that Street Department employees are continuing work on patching pot holes. A new mower has been purchased. They now have a mower for the cemetery and another one for use downtown. Edgell thanked the Fiscal Officer for finding the revenue for the new mower.

Edgell also asked for help reminding him who requested use of the 4th Street gazebo in June. The request was made in early January and the note got lost in the office moving shuffle. He asked that if the person who made the request or someone with knowledge of it give him a call.

Edgell asked that residents be patient with places that need cleaned up or repaired. He has been working with Councilman Brown on this. Warnings have been issued and enough time has elapsed on some to begin legal procedures.

Wrapping up his report Edgell announced that a new pole has been donated by AEP and set at the cemetery to improve police & fire radio communications. A new antenna was donated by Liverpool Township VFD. It replaces a broken antenna.

Mayor Haugh asked for and got a motion passed to accept the resignation of WPD Canine Officer Tony Mancuso. Mancuso submitted his resignation to accept employee somewhere “up north”. That means the Village lost the services of Officer Ryot, the Belgian Malanois, pictured above. Mancuso was her handler. She was returned to the breeder for evaluation for placement according to the “rules”. If Ryot can't be rehomed with another WPD officer Wellsville has been assured of another dog. The Mayor said Wellsville has retained all donations given for Ryot. Ryot herself was a donation from the breeder who also trains them for police work.

The Mayor then read a letter from the DuMoulins mentioned above. They have suggested an “Adopt A Spot” program such as they have around the Wells Avenue bridge area. If anyone or any organization is interested you are asked to contact the Mayor's office.

The Mayor wrapped up her report asking for Council's Finance or Personnel committee to order in legislation to give Wellsville police officers a raise. She stated it has been several years since the officers got a raise and suggested $2/hour for full time and $1/hour for part time officers. After consulting with the Fiscal Officer the money from the police levies will make that affordable. Haugh noted the Village is a “stepping stone” for officers to get some experience for their resume and then move on to better paying jobs. The request was referred to the Personnel Committee.

Finance Chairwoman Dinch reported that after meeting with a new insurance agent the employee health insurance can be continued at no cost to the employee and with a cost savings to the Village. Council passed a motion to name Ohio Insurance Services Agency of Plain City, Ohio, the new Village insurance broker. The previous agent used by the Village had advised the cost for the same insurance coverage would increase 18% when renewed. The new policy will include coverage for life, dental, vision and health care and will cost the Village $18,379 per month to cover all employees. Agent Brian Savage said he was looking forward to working with the Village. Meetings will be held to explain the new coverage and answer any questions for those covered.

Tonda Ross announced there will be a Street Committee meeting Monday, March 26 at 6 PM to discuss Mulberry Alley between 9th & 10th Sts. After getting other Council members opinions and by-passing any formal meeting or getting a motion passed it was informally agreed to pass up on the chip & seal program this year. Edgell earlier reminded everyone that hot patch costs $70 per ton compared to $18,000 per mile for chip & seal. Ross said the Village will be able to repair more streets this way as funds come available.

Ross also thanked Riverside resident Grant Barlow for filling pot holes on Oak Alley. He obtained and donated the hot patch on his own to do the job. She also thanked Edgell & the Street Department crew for doing a good job on patching the pot holes.

Sewage Committee Chairman Don Brown reported he is a frequent visitor to the Sewage Treatment Plant and has not been able to smell the offensive odors that use to emanate from there before the new digesters were installed. He commended United Water's Greg Stewart and his crew for the job they have been doing. The Mayor added that everything is done except for the diffusers. She has not been given a concrete answer on what is going on with them. She doesn't know if they installed the wrong kind, or they are not doing the job they were designed to do or if they were installed inproperly. She added there is a meeting scheduled on Wednesday with the engineer from G,G & J. There is a total of 140 diffusers in the new digesters.

Property Committee Chairwoman Rosie Goss thanked Wellsville's Memorial Council members Don Brown and Dale Barnhart for putting up the new American flags at the Gazebo. Brown earlier noted they had to install new flag holders. The old ones were never put back up after the gazebo was renovated.

Council passed an ordinance authorizing the Village Administrator to advertise for and receive bids for two pieces of property the Village acquired from the County Auditor. The parcels are located at 307 First Street and 1726 Clark Ave. Legal Advisor Andy Beech advised the advertisements are required to appear once a week for five weeks. Council agreed to declaring the ordinance an emergency and placed it on third and final reading prior to approving it.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:42 PM. The next regularly scheduled meeting is Tuesday, April 3 at 6 PM. The meeting will be held at Village Hall located at 1200 Main St.

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Anonymous said...

No chip and seal program this year ? Very disappointed, especially without any reason or excuse given by counsel.

************* said...

Apparently you missed the part that mentions that more streets can be worked on and repaired with patching material. It's a matter of simple mathmatics. With Street Funds being very limited you can do much more at $70/ton for hot patch than trying to scrape up $18,000 to only do ONE mile of chip & seal.

Although hot patch is not the most desirable, with Village finances being as they are, many more miles of street repair can be accomplished this year by going that route.

Our dream is someday being able to afford to have our streets scraped and new black top put down. It's only a dream. It will be some time before anything like that is financial possible. The cost of black top is outrageous.


Anonymous said...

Police are the only ones getting raises? I am sure the rest of the village employees feel real valued about now. How long has it been since the village workers or fire department had a raise, might check that out. What about the people that work in the office, they don't deserve a raise? There are a lot of those cops that don't deserve a raise.

************* said...

What would you propose?


************* said...

To whoever commented on the "Mayor's solution to the cat problem" - For you to even suggest something like that made us feel you're being purely vicious in intent with your remarks. We checked with the Mayor personally and found out that what you're saying is nothing close to the truth.

The last we heard any "solution to the cat problem" is still with the Ordinance Committee. They have not made any suggestions to Council as yet.

We think your comments were fabricated on your part and was simply evil in intent. Maybe you should consider professional counseling. In our humble opinion making up something like that comes from a sick mine.


Anonymous said...

DUH!!!!! To, "What do you propose" What about all employee's get a raise?

************* said...

Maybe we should clarify the question... How would propose paying wage increases to everyone? Where would the money come from? The raises for the police are mostly coming from a levy that was passed some time ago. Would you actively support a levy to increase everyone else's ages?


Anonymous said...

you know the last 2 times that i have voted for the fire levy council said it would be to get the 3rd and 4th man back and now i believe there is just the chief and one fireman and some volunteers i would think that there is money to give them a raise if they can not give us fulltime firemen